“Your blood contains the bullets that can kill the virus,” says Ajay Devgn as he urges recovered Covid-19 warriors to donate blood for other patients – Times of India


Ajay Devgn urged those who have recovered from Covid-19 to donate blood, which can help those in severe condition currently. In a social media post, the ‘Singham’ actor wrote, “If you’ve recovered from COVID19, you are a Corona warrior. We need an army of such warriors to overcome this invisible enemy. Your blood contains the bullets that can kill the virus. Please donate your blood, so others, especially the serious ones can recover.”

Hrithik Roshan and Varun Dhawan also shared a similar appeal on Twitter.

Bollywood celebrities have been doing their bit amidst this pandemic. From Shah Rukh Khan spreading a word of caution to Salman Khan posting videos warning fans to stay at home and Vidya Balan posting a tutorial about making a mask at home – Bollywood stands united during this health scare. Also, celebrities have started several initiatives and are also donating towards Covid-19 relief.

Due to the Coronavirus enforced lockdown, several Bollywood film releases have been postponed, while shoots have been cancelled.


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