Writing a Newspaper Article – A Step-By-Step Guide


1. First thing to do is to figure out the best stories to write. While sticking with your assigned beat, choose those stories that your target audience are dying to know about. If you have the option, go with controversial issues or those that have direct impact to the lives of your audience.

This is the first step to make sure that your articles will be read.

2. Next thing to do is to think of headlines that will make your target audience want to read your news copies. Your headlines must be short but very descriptive. It should tell your readers what your content is all about and what kind of information they can expect. Use only powerful words. If possible, target your readers’ emotions.

3. After choosing your topic and after writing a captivating headline, the next thing to do is to perform an extensive research. Go out there and gather as much information as possible. Talk to all the people who have witnessed what happened and those people who are involved in the situation. Make sure that you cross reference your resources so you can verify each data that you’ve gathered. It’s important to ensure that all your information are based on facts as you don’t want to mislead or misinform your readers.

4. Write your articles. Use the inverted pyramid technique when writing your news copies. This simply means putting the most important information at the beginning. The idea here is to make sure that your readers will understand your stories by simply reading your first paragraph. You can present supporting details on your article body.


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