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Now that the world is looking at a work-from-home (WFH) life, editorials are flying fast with tips and to-dos to ace the at-home work life. There are many who question the very point of dressing up for work when your office is your dining table. And then again, should you care for style in the middle of a pandemic? Yes. Many style advisories talk about not giving up panache in lieu of panic. Veronica Dodson in a theladders.com article said: “If we aren’t dressed to face the world, there’s little chance that we can actually face the reality of work.” The bottom line: what you see in the mirror matters.

Productive in PJS

The WFH life is a constant challenge to stay motivated. The novelty of working in your PJs wears out quickly. Without actually dressing up for work, you no longer have these cues to condition your brain into understanding when work ends and home begins.

The key is to think even though you work from home, you are at work. Dressing professionally allows you to control your attitude, and you signal to family or flatmates that you are working. In fact, when you work in isolation it’s all the more important to look professional. One key reason is that you mostly interact with your computer and through phones, which studies prove can lead to a feeling of disconnectedness. Wearing professional clothes keeps you grounded in reality.

What you can wear

l Stylish sweatpants that you can lounge in but also Instagram it

l A nice pair of sneakers are trigger enough to your mind that you are in work mode

l Keep a crisp professional shirt nearby for video cons

l Wear a funky T-shirt and not your ratty ol’ gharka tee

l Sliders, not slippers

l Wear light jewellery or a watch to feel put together


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