We’ve Spent so Much on Apps and Nuclear Stockpiling But Not Done Enough for Healthcare, Says Tisca Chopra


The ever shining film industries across the world have come to a complete standstill amid the coronavirus pandemic. The lockdown following the virus spread in India has seen studio houses closing their gates for shooting as films, TV and web shows stand delayed, re-runs of old shows are hit and TV series on streaming platforms find way on TV sets.

Many artists meanwhile are using this ‘break’ to go back to the hobbies they had been long neglecting due to their otherwise busy work schedules and others just spend quality time with their families and loved ones.

News18 caught up with Tisca Chopra, who’s web show Hostages will be telecast on Star Plus, to know what she’s been up to and how she’s spending her time during the lockdown.

Excerpts from the interview:

How has quarantine time been for you?

Managing pretty well actually. I am full of gratitude that I am at home with my daughter and my husband. We are safe and are not travelling anywhere. So yes, we’re working fine.

Are you working on anything during the lockdown?

Yes, actually I am. I’m editing a short film with my editors on the Zoom app. I’m in the pre-production of a feature film that we were planning towards the end of the year. I’m also writing a little bit. So there’s quite a bit going on.

During the lockdown, have you turned to any hobbies?

I have a lot of catching up to do with my own education, in terms of, I want to direct, so I’m watching a lot of things and making the most of time trying to expand my own understanding of directing a feature film. I’m taking some online Martin Scorsese class right now.

You said you’re watching a lot of things. Do these also include re-runs of old shows and web shows that have made their way to the TV sets?

As I said, I have a lot to catch up, so there are some, but I’d say it’s a great thing because content and especially good content should not die off, which just one viewing. I’m glad that they’re getting a second life. Also, necessity is the mother of invention, because there are no shootings, people who could not catch these in the first place can now watch. So it’s a very good thing.

While Hostages is coming on TV, it is still a rare space for web-shows, your opinion.

The telecast of web shows on TV depends upon the content. Hostages is very family-friendly. Because television shows are largely meant for family viewing, I think if web-shows don’t have adult content, it’s a great idea to bring them to TV.

It is a popular perception that TV audience has a particular choice in terms of shows. Do you think, they’ll like Hostages?

People have liked it on the web, so I’m hopeful. Also, I think it’s very important to understand that TV audiences are evolving. And maybe they were watching what they were watching because they didn’t have a choice. And now with a number of choices people can find out if this is actually something that they’re enjoying, and then more of that can be done.

Having played the role of a doctor in Hostages as well as Good Newwz, do you identify with the plight of healthcare workers during the current situation?

Totally, it is a hugely responsible job morally, ethically, and professionally. You’re dealing with people’s lives. And there isn’t enough gratitude that we can have for doctors. We’ve spent so much money on developing new phone apps and nuclear stockpiling. And we haven’t done enough for, I think two areas, pharma, and giving our healthcare professionals the kinds of facilities that they need right now.

What changes you believe will be there in the showbiz once the lockdown is over?

What I see is that people are not going to go back into the halls for at least three-four months, maybe longer. They’re going to be a lot more films directly releasing on OTT, especially smaller films. And they’re going to be bigger and more mainstream experiences but everything is going to get pushed back by four to six months minimum.

Also starring Ronit Roy and Parvin Dabbas, Hostages be televised on Star Plus from April 13.

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