The Top Finds on Freak Street


Freak Street is a famous hippie street in Kathmandu. The original name of the street was Jhochlen Tole, although in the 1960s and 1970s, the site became a hangout place for hippies and the strange name was given to it.

The famous street was once a tranquil corner in Kathmandu where hashish, a type of addicting weed, was sold. It is the reason hippies during these days loved the place. In Nepal, the use of weeds like cannabis or ganja is a part of a religious practice. Freak Street was considered a paradise for the hippies.

You can find different goods being sold in the area. The best thing about this hippie street is that the place is so much quieter than the other places in Kathmandu. This city is known for its noise but when it comes it Freak Street, you can shop in a more peaceful atmosphere.

Shopping in Kathmandu’s Freak Street will get you good quality finds on a bargain.

What to Find on Freak Street

Fashion Items

Since the 1970s, the street was the home of side-street vendors selling fashion items from self-styled clothing, handmade jewelries and accessories, underwear, fancy dresses, bags, psychic ornaments, fancy hippie items, hair accessories and many others.

These fashion items are cheaper than those that are sold in Thamel. You can also find high-quality types of pashmina. a popular Nepalese fabric, in some shops along t Freak Street..

Restaurants and Eateries

You can enjoy traditional Nepalese food in restaurants and eateries along the stretch of Freak Street. Restaurants like Café Snowman and Cosmopolitan are the best places for delicious Nepalese food.

In case you want some South Indian food, you can visit Restaurant Anand where they serve Dossa, a type of crispy crepe and also idlis. Of course, expect some spicy sauces with it.

Hotels and Lodges

Staying in Kathmandu? Perhaps you want to try this street’s great deals on hotel accommodations and lodges. There are several hotels here such as Hotel Saugat, Royal Park Guest House, Nippon Guesthouse, Himalaya Guesthouse, Asian Holyday Hotel, Little Wings Residence and Ganesh Hotel.

For Freak Street lodges there are Moonlight Lodge, Annapurna Lodge, Green House Lodge, Daulagiri Lodge, New Monumental Lodge, Yellow Lodge, Pagoda Lodge, La Casa Lodge and Century Lodge.

Whenever you visit Kathmandu, Nepal, don’t forget to spend some time along Freak Street and discover some of the exciting treasures of the country.


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