Start Freelance Writing As A Beginner


I have listed a few blogs that pay freelancers fair rates for posts. Even if you're just starting out with only a little background. If you run a check you will find even more genuine blogs on topics that really interest you. Guest blogging is a way to start out as a freelancer because you'll get paid building a portfolio. You might even be hired as a regular editor if you stay in touch.

Here are blogs that pay beginners for freelance writing.


Austinbriggs pays more than other sites. He pays as much as $ 70 per page of accepted work. He runs a blog on fiction writing. If you are a good novelist or you are good at writing short stories even as an unpublished author then you have to contact him with any idea that is related. The reason I have mentioned him here is he is quite committed. You Will get a reply within a few days, and assuredly your first job. Visit the link for more details.


WorldStart is another site that I have so much value for. This is a weblog about gadgets and technology. With this site a typical posts is about 800 or so words and normally would pay 50 US Dollars. The site is mainly for IT beginners so one does not need to be an expert to participate. if you can contribute useful tips for beginners, you can submit a sample to them.


Listverse has been mentioned because there it is easier to get accepted. You can also make as much as 80 US Dollars per post. A post is usually long list of about 1,500 words, with explanation of each item on the list.


Galavanting is a travel blog. They pay $ 50 for a featured essay or $ 15 for shorter travel tips and posts. They accept articles from women as they deal with women travel issues. So if you are a woman and can offer quality articles about traveling you can apply as a paid blogger.

5. The Motley Fool

This is a finance blog for people interested in finance and investment opportunities. If you can offer detailed investment tips that they feel is worth it, then they'll be more than happy to hear from you they said. So visit them and register to get started.


If you are a good graphic designer especially with Photoshop and have a creative instinct, then you can make some extra money by creating a step-by-step guide for Tuts +. You can even do it as a podcast instead and be publishing it regularly, you are sure to make some money with your set of skills. Read from their site above for more details.

Put on your thinking hat and see what writing ideas you come up with, and then offer them for pay. I'm sure you'll start to get rewarded sooner than you expect.


Source by Colins Ndu Ugwu

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