Sobhita Dhulipala responds to accusations that she faked ‘self-timer’ photoshoot for magazine


Made in Heaven and Ghost Stories actor Sobhita Dhulipala released a statement, explaining the controversy over her recent shoot for a popular magazine cover. The actor had posted a series of photos on social media for the magazine, and claimed that she clicked the pictures herself using a self-timer, as she was practising social distancing.

However, behind-the-scenes images surfaced yesterday on social media, which revealed another person clicking a picture of her on a balcony.

The images were clicked by an anonymous person, who posted them online. After they went viral and Sobhita was accused of faking the shoot, she responded, stating, “Quite a few people have written to me about the image I last posted. It is upsetting and I am little taken aback by how urgently many have jumped to unkind conclusions, this is also a moment for me to learn something deeper. I stand by the flow of events I’m sharing with complete transparency.”


She added that she was proud of the collaboration and explained the person in the images, who is clicking pictures of her: “I style myself, go to the terrace with a coffee mug and a couple of tools to prop up my phone to take pictures. There are people on the terrace and one kind gentleman upon learning that I’m trying to shoot my pictures, offers help. After he graciously shoots a few pictures in the frame I wanted, I thank him and we depart.”


Sobhita went to explain that the pictures shot by him weren’t used in the magazine. “I only posted it along with the official ones because I like it. I recognise that I should have altered the caption text to mention that the second image was not part of the magazine shoot. I wish I had a more exciting, dramatic story but alas, truth often wears plain robes! Stay home and stay safe.”


Earlier in the week, the actor had shared pictures from her shoot with the magazine on her Instagram profile. “I had the unique opportunity to style myself, do my hair/makeup and take pictures on a phone (hello, self-timer, my new friend) in the confines of my house,” she had posted.


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