Salman Khan’s ‘Veer’ co-star Zareen Khan hopes her mother and sister have secretly planned something for her birthday tomorrow – Times of India


Zareen Khan, who is currently self-quarantined with her family due to coronavirus lockdown, will be celebrating a quarantine birthday on May 14. While she says that her big day will not be an elaborate affair, she also hopes that her mother and sister have planned a secret surprise for her.

Talking about how she is planning to celebrate her special day, she told a news portal that since they are all confined at home, she really cannot do much. And with Ramzan going on, she doesn’t have any plans. Although she won’t be able to go and meet her friends, she hopes her mother and sister have planned something secretly for her.

Elaborating further, she added that she makes sure that her mother is around her when the clock strikes 12. Her mother has been a constant source of inspiration for her and she is really connected to her.

Talking about their life in lockdown, Zareen added that they have started to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Earlier, they all would constantly be busy and prioritise their work. Although her family stays with her, she barely sits with them to have a proper meal or just chat and gossip. However, now, she revealed that they are eating all the meals together.


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