New Advances in Treating Metabolic Syndrome


There’s a new word for not taking care of yourself – Metabolic Syndrome. If you are over 40, have an expanding waistline, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, poor diet, not enough exercise, high blood sugar (pre-diabetic), then you have this condition!

Here are the symptoms:

  • An expanding waistline (35 inches for women, 40 inches for men)
  • A BMI (Base Metabolic Rate) of over 25
  • Triglyceride level over 150
  • A low HDL (good cholesterol) level
  • Blood pressure over 130/85
  • Higher than normal blood glucose level

Because metabolic syndrome is actually a collection of factors, having any one of them does not mean you have it. But if you have any 3 of the above conditions, you may be at risk.

Here’s the bad news:

You’re at risk for getting a heart attack or stroke – sooner than later.

You’re at risk for getting diabetes.

You’re among 25% of Americans with this condition.

Here’s the good news:

YOU can fix it.

Easy? Probably not. It requires a major lifestyle change. If a healthy diet and exercise isn’t a part of your life, then you’ll need to incorporate it now.

For diet this means eating fewer calories and less saturated fat, and emphasizing whole grains, fish, and fruits and vegetables. Choose unsaturated fats when eating fats and oils such as olive or safflower oils, and nuts.

For exercise, start with at least 30 minutes of moderate activity, such as brisk walking, at least 5 days a week. Work up to getting 60 minutes of moderate activity 5 to 7 days a week.

More Good News:

There is a new supplement available to help you in reducing your viseral fat (that’s the expanding waistline). It actually has been approved by the FDA as a new “dietary supplement”.  What is interesting about this new supplement is that originally it was noted for its great antioxidant properties and has even been used in cosmetics! After some clinical trials, it was discovered that people that took the new supplement along with exercising, lost viseral fat twice as fast and those people that exercised without the supplement.

So here’s the bad news: you still have to diet and exercise.

However, it’s great to know that there’s something out there to help you get results twice as fast – and it’s perfectly safe. It’s made from Lychee Fruit Extract and Green Tea Extract.

For more information about this new supplement to help with metabolic syndrome, click on the link below.


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