Milind Soman claps back at troll calling him “superficial” for sharing a ‘90s throwback photo – Times of India


Amid the Coronavirus lockdown, celebrities have been turning back the pages of photo albums and sharing priceless throwback photos. Among them was heartthrob Milind Soman, who made his female fans go weak in the knees with a photo from the ‘90s.

“Its Monday, what can I say? 1990, when this picture was taken, seems a lifetime away! .. what is the biggest change that you have heard of or experienced in the last 30 years?” Milind asked fans in the caption.

However, a certain troll seemed to have disapproved of the idea of sharing throwback pictures. The social media troll in question called it “silly” and “superficial” while accusing Milind of promoting his good looks and implying that in order to survive, one needs to be “visually appealing.”

Deciding he had enough of the troll’s comment, Milind clapped back saying, “Perhaps you should read and think, then you might not feel so bad.”


Meanwhile, Milind and his wife Ankita who have always been on the run, are making the most of their time at home, exercising indoors. The couple has also been treating fans to some cute clicks and throwback photos from their many trips around the world.


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