Malavika Mohanan calls out sexist ‘Master’ tweet, then deletes it


An actor who has faced public ire lately is Malavika Mohanan. Master actor Malavika called out a sexist tweet on Sunday. The image feature cartoon versions of the “Master” movie crew, where the woman in question (Malavika) is seen in the kitchen, while the men including Vijay, Vijay Sethupathi seem to be relaxing.

She tweeted: “The task of a woman even in a hypothetical ‘movie house’ is to cook? When will gender roles die? Sigh.”

But in a few minutes, she took it down after angry responses in the comments section. The release of the Vijay-starrer Master is currently on hold amidst the coronavirus pandemic

The tweet was followed by a slew of hate message from fans of superstar Vijay telling her that she has “crossed the limit”. Singer and @MeToo movement activist Chinmayi expressed solidarity with the actor and tweeted: “I have been at the receiving end of hate just for saying “I like xyz film”, nothing else. From that day on, I stopped saying which film I like.”

She tweeted: “A professional actor questions a fan-made illustration for portraying HER ‘role’ in a way SHE didn’t like. She gets bullied, abused and harassed into deleting her tweet.”


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