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DHARAMSHALA: In times of corona virus when all schools are shut and are operating through online classes, surprisingly even kindergartens have adopted the same practice. Most of these schools were not prepared for such online classes despite claiming of having high tech facilities. This unpreparedness has now burdened many parents, particularly those associated with kindergarten.

Monika Kumari (name changed), a civil and criminal lawyer from Kangra said that her daughter is four year old and daily gets homework on whatsapp group from school in name of online studies.

“I and my husband have to exert hard getting her to understand things and get the job done, it has become hectic” he added.

In the name of online studies things are being operated through whats app groups as many kindergarten administrators are themselves not familiar with online education process. Many poor families who don’t had android phones made immediate investment to get their kids connected to schools.

Tong-len is the only institute in this region which carries online interaction activities of primary kids at international level. Classrooms here are equipped with all such facilities. This is run by a monk at Sarah village who educates kids from slum areas only.

“We usually carry interaction activities for our primary students also with schools in foreign countries” said Jamyang, the monk who runs this institute.

People fear speaking out in open for practices adopted by various kindergartens, considering the future of their children. Many parents are approaching media houses and authorities in this regard.

Inquires revealed that many such establishments have taken advance fees at the time of admission in March. Yogesh Kumar, a businessman here, said that they have deposited 10000 rupees with the kindergarten for advance fee and kits.

Deputy Commissioner at Kangra, Rakesh Kumar Prajapati, has said that the direction issues by the higher education authorities regarding fee schedules applies for even kindergartens also.

Government has so far no announced any fee waivers yet. Education minister, Suresh Bhardwaj has recently told TOI that the process is underway and direction education has been asked to keep a check on illicit activities of private institutes.

When contacted, many kindergartens also expressed their concern requesting anonymity stating that nobody was prepared for this crisis. The biggest burden on them, they said, is salaries. But teachers employed with them are worried about losing jobs and salary cuts.


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