Kamal Haasan says ‘Marudhanayagam’ will need younger lead actor, and has penned another mythological story


Kamal Haasan has revealed that his long-pending magnum opus Marudhanayagam will be possible in the future only if either the story is rewritten or a younger star plays the lead character.

In a chat recently with fellow actor Vijay Sethupathi on entertainment portal Open Panna, the actor-politician was quizzed on what his plans for the delayed epic was. The project was first started 23 years ago in 1997.

Kamal replied, “I envisaged that the titular character would be around 40 years of age, but I’m too old to play him now. So the only option — if we get the money to bankroll it — would be either to change the storyline or cast some other younger actor to play the role.”

However, the star, who has Indian 2 and Thalaivan Irukkindran in the pipeline, also added that he might have one more film in the works from a new short story he’s penned recently: based on the demon Kansa, the materal uncle of lord Krishna. Krishna eventually killed Kansa.

“But my tale actually traces what happens after Kansa’s death, and is titled Chinna Kansa. Such a project would be very easy to make and quickly as well… unlike Marudhanayagam,” Kamal added.

In mythology, Kansa was a tyrant ruler of Mathura, who killed all of his sister Devaki’s children fearing a prophecy that predicted he would be overthrown by her son. However, Devaki’s eighth son, Krishna, who was raised by cowherds, finally arrived at the kingdom to vanquish Kansa and restore peace in the kingdom.

Over the course of the conversation on Instagram Live, Kamal Haasan and Vijay Sethupathi discussed a range of topics revolving around the veteran actor’s career, his style of filmmaking, experiences with legends like Sivaji Ganesan, and more.


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