It Maybe Sanitised Today Because Someone Made Public of it: Pooja Bedi on Video of ‘Unsanitised’ Goa Quarantine Facility


Pooja Bedi and Maneck Contractor

Pooja Bedi and Maneck Contractor

Pooja Bedi stuck to her guns in the latest video in which she reiterates her stance about the condition of a quarantine center in Goa where she was taken to with her fiancée Maneck Contractor.

  • Last Updated: May 20, 2020, 10:53 AM IST

Pooja Bedi announced on social media recently that she travelled to Goa amid lockdown 4.0 with her fiancée Maneck Contractor. Her post however did not go down well with a section of social media users, who started trolling her for writing that the COVID-19 screening and quarantine check process “simply cannot become an acceptable way of life.”

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Pooja faced backlash after she shared a video of the quarantine facility that she and her fiancée were taken to, pointing out the “lack of hygiene & sanitisation” there.

Now, Pooja has issued a video on social media in which she is hitting back at her trolls and explaining her stance in the matter. She said, “We applied to the Goa government online and uploaded all our documents which include the fact that my fiancée Maneck Contractor is Goan, which means his voting card, Aadhaar card and his passport are registered in Goa. The homes and the properties we possess are in Goa and our businesses are also registered in Goa.”

Talking about the screening facility that they were taken to, Pooja said, “We arrived at Goa border at 7 pm. We were there till about 9:30 pm and we must say that the Goa police were extremely nice, very courteous, very kind, doing their job. Its not their fault that the screening facility they took us to was really unsanitised.”

She further said, “If you look at the video of the quarantine facility that I uploaded you will understand my outrage. Here we are coming from our sanitised homes in our sanitised cars, hoping to go to yet another sanitised home and we are subjected to facilities like that. I don’t understand why the Goans are outraged about the fact that I spoke up about the state of the facility because it is in the interest of Goa that the quarantine facility be kept safe and sanitised. Coronavirus will come on the backs of people. It does not look to see whether you are Goan or non-Goan.”

She added, “We have become such divisive, negative, cruel, fearful society that we view everything with suspicion, disdain and such incredible fear psychosis that we have forgotten how to be humans. We are so busy slamming people that we have forgotten the very importance of being kind and the fact that we are all Indians at the end of the day.”

She continued, “We need to look out for each other and that is what we were doing. We followed due process of law, we were looking out for each other and if in any way I am speaking up and my voice is heard it is all the better because that facility today maybe sanitised because somebody has made note of it and made public of it.”

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