Interesting Facts About Ujjain


Ujjain is the holy city of the Hindus, located in the Indian State of Madhya Pradesh. The whole city is adorned with temples earning it the name, temple city. There are also many ancient names to the place like Avantika, Bhagavati and Sairam. The city was declared as the most sacred place on earth in Hindu mythology. Another interesting aspect about Ujjain is the superstitious beliefs of the people over here. The people believe that it is from Ujjain that the planet Mars was formed! The city is most revered for having one the 12 ‘Jyotirlings’ in India.

The whole city is situated in the Malwa Plateau on the eastern side of the River Kshipra. The city has been a prominent place for religious activity for over 2,000 years. It is said that two parts of the Skanda Purana were composed here. Another interesting fact about Ujjain is that ancient Hindu geologists fixed the first meridian here as the centre of the earth for making astronomical calculations. The Mahakal Temple is the most famous one in Ujjain. Lot of activities takes place over here during festival times. Spiritual men conduct rituals and people throng to the temples to have a look at the deities.

Although the climate is quite good to visit throughout the year, the winters are the best time to visit Ujjain since the summers get a bit hot and humid. So you can visit this place in the winter season from November to February. Present day Ujjain is all the more developed with the city being a hub for export of textiles and agricultural products. A relaxing fact about Ujjain is that it is not very remote and can be easily accessed by any means of transport. The nearest airport is in Indore about 55 km away and the railway station is located in Ujjain itself.

Quite a number of temples and monuments adorn the city of Ujjain. Excursions are arranged by tour operators to each of these sites. After having known about the place, wouldn’t you want to know about the accommodation in Ujjain? Well all the hotels are well built with international standards and provide good service and hospitality. The hotel rooms are all well equipped and boast of the best amenities. Another fascinating fact about Ujjain is that the people are very warm and friendly and they mingle with the tourists easily. So it will be fun for you mingling with the locals over here.


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