Indian Sarees: Timeless Fashion


The Indian sarees are perhaps the oldest line of fashion accessory and are still as popular today as they were hundreds of years ago. Indian sarees are not worn just by Indians anymore. Many Westerners have discovered that they look great on them, regardless of their age, race or even body shape.

Indian sarees generally consist of a long fabric (generally 6 to 9 yards in length) that is worn around the female body and typically over a blouse. They fold gracefully and one end of the saree remains loose. Some sarees are plain in nature while others are lavishly decorated. The ones that are worn for weddings are generally quite extravagant in nature.

There are many different kinds of sarees and within India every locale has their own take and style of saree. Some locales make their sarees by hand while others have automated machines that produce them. Since sarees have been around for quite a long while each region within India has their own specialty when it comes to making and designing their sarees. Generally the main difference is the design on the saree, some create intricate flower designs, designs of temples while other locales produce sarees that utilize precious gold and silver thread.

It’s easy to see why Indian sarees are gaining more popularity recently within the Western world. They offer a simple solution to looking beautiful while also showcasing a long-lasting sense of timeless beauty. With the different types that are available, sarees are definitely not going anywhere anytime soon.


Source by Andrew Massaro

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