Indian Baby Clothes, My Big Fat Indian Family


Indian families can be very large and celebrated, not just be the immediate family but the extended family and friends of the family. Uncles, Aunties, Grandparents and siblings all celebrate the birth with Mums and Dads – also known as “Baa” and “Papa”.

The Baby Clothes industry is a multi billion pound industry across the world. The UK industry alone is worth hundreds of millions of pounds each year to retailers both on the high street and online. Supermarkets are now looking at retailing not just food but products from kitchenware to clothing – and within this is the lucrative Children’s / Baby clothing market.

“My Big Fat Indian” is a term increasingly used to describe many things Indian, from My Big Fat Indian Wedding to My Big Fat Indian Family and is fast becoming a brand term associated with products into the Indian Community. The immediate Indian family consists of Aunties and Uncles also known as Kaka and Kaki, Mums and Dads or in Indian Baa and Papa and Grandparents is known as Dada or Dadi and Nana or Nani all of which make up the Big Fat Indian Family.

Indian families are increasing in size and numbers in the UK and the UK retailers are competing to supply baby clothes. It is therefore no surprise that Indian Baby Clothes is a growing market not only in the UK, but globally.

Understanding the market for Indian Baby Clothes, the style, sizing and local knowledge is an important factor in making products attractive to the Indian community. Clothing for babies is not only a lucrative market in the UK within the clothing sector, it is also factored within the Gift sector as family and friends find clothing the ideal, practical gift for new families where budgets may be tight. What better present for a new family which will bring happiness but also save as the children outgrow clothing as the months go by.

The main factors to achieve success into the market are built up from many different factors. Being successful in the Indian clothing market can be lucrative as the business grows, the above factors will go a long way to assist your business being successful selling Indian Baby clothes.

As with all businesses the quality of the product, the marketing and the needs will go a long way in determining how successful the business will be, but in preparing the business against set goals will give the business the best possible chance of success.


Source by John J Dugdale

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