India Exotic Tourism Destination


Seen as a country of snake charmers, magicians and naked fakirs India has for centuries intrigued the outsiders. Subject of much conquest, the Golden Bird has a torturous history, the invasions and occupation has left an indelible but colorful mark in the countries tapestry.

It is no more somebody's cup of imagination the country is on road to fast progress and becoming an economic super power. But the exotic remains now mingled with ultra modern surprising the inquisitive visitors. Side by side luxury sedans and bullock carts roll in India's busy streets. A jet flies overhead a cluster laid back villages still stuck to their past.

India is a land of delight and despair and both make the tourists exult in bewilderment. The diversity is mind boggling and so is harmony in existence. India changes every short distance people, landscape, dialect, ethnicity and color. The landmark culture is ancient going back to five thousand years. The subsequent development of fine arts, performing arts, rites and rituals and classical music is a testimony to the age of India.

The state rejoices in colorful festivities, rituals and ceremonies – religious and social. The colors have a profound effect upon the visitors and coupled with the sights and smells India appears an amazing pool of exotic. Indians have faith in spirituality an amalgamation of inner self with external world. Religion dominates in all colors of identity an expression of free belief and practice is evident in public life in this highly pluralistic society.

The jewels of India are Taj Mahal, Tiger and Temples the very hallmark essence of a bewildering cultural pot pouri. The mainstay of tourism in India is cultural tours but nevertheless wildlife is essential to traveling in India. Hence tiger tourism is one way of realizing this diverse country. Tiger is a mystical majestic animal that attracts thousands of inbound tourists to the country on tiger safaris. The bird life consists of thirteen percent of the World's avian species and so attracts a large number of birders.

India has much to offer the historical monuments abound palaces, forts and amazing edifices that hold the tourists spellbound. The natural sightseeing abounds and enthrall the visitor in the country reside many hill resorts that have salubrious and serene surroundings.

Indian food is a conglomeration of regional tongue tingling delicacies and not all are spicy and hot. The cuisine of India is addicting and the enticing aroma is a mix of spices, natural herbs and whatnot. The food is as diverse as the country is a life time is not enough to experience it.

Those on a spiritual quest visit the numerous places of holy pilgrimage in order to discover oneself. Lord Buddha, Krishna and Mahavir were born here and credited with philosophy that augured spiritual awakening amongst people of India.


Source by Uday Patel

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