How to Grow Taller Naturally and Healthily – Four Tips to Make You Grow Taller!


There is nobody who doesn’t want to be tall and attractive. There have been numerous case studies. Tall people get more opportunities in life. Tall people are happier. They do better at sports, with the opposite sex. It’s biased and superficial, but tall people get more opportunities in life.   But it’s impossible to add height, right?  


With dedicated effort you can add a couple inches to your height!

Here are three basic tips to grow taller naturally without any risk to your body!  

Tip #1 Exercise: 

15 minutes of strong exercise increases adrenalin, lactate, nerve acidity and nitric oxide. These chemicals stimulate natural human growth hormone during the exercise and also during periods of rest. Very important: Drink plenty of water during exercise. Dehydration restricts human growth hormone.   Exercise equipment you want to stimulate height growth are the following: inversion boots and table, ankle weights, weightlifting wrist wraps and a good stationary bike. You also want a chin up bar that you can hang from while wearing angle weights. 20 minutes of bar hangs can add an easy half inch in height in less than thirty days.

Exercise is the most natural and healthy way to grow taller.

Tip #2 Diet:

Fats and carbs are the mortal enemy of human growth hormones and need to be cut from the diet. Furthermore, fatty, carb rich foods lead to more fat. A fatter person weights the body down and compresses the spine which leads to you actually losing height. Avoid soda, alcohol, junk foods, candy and, if you can, caffeine. These will all block naturally stimulated growth hormones. Caffeine actually eats calcium; calcium is the essential ingredient you need to stimulate growth.  

Tip #3 Sleep:  What’s the best secret for stimulating growth? It’s sleeping nine to ten hours per night. Sleep actives human growth hormone. Sleep, sleep, sleep and more sleep.  

Tip #4 Health Supplements to Induce Growth  

Here are specific supplements that stimulate growth.   Calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin D

Shark Cartilage – The interesting thing about sharks is that they’ve been on this plan for 400 million years which means they’ve evolved to be resistant to cancer, vascular disease and the grow FAST. Not only that, when a shark suffers an injury it heals rapidly. Ingesting shark cartilage is the single best supplement you can use.


Source by Sarah Celeste

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