How to Grow Taller – 9 Secret Tips to Grow Taller Fast!


Most of us are accustomed to artificial ways used to increase height like surgery or using different growth pills. But scientific research has proven that you can become tall using natural ways, but it will require some efforts on your part like doing exercises and eating right. Lets consider 10 effective tips to grow taller fast.

1. Morning Exercise. This should be the first thing to be done after waking up. You should start as simple as you can by doing stretching exercise to warm up the body, you can start doing this while you are still in bed. Stretch your arms as if you were pulling them up and stretch your legs downward.

2. Breathing. Afterwards do some breathing exercise. Inhale deep, hold your breath and exhale. This increases the oxygen level in the lungs and enlarge muscles.

3. Start outdoor exercising, or if you use the gym perform exercises like walking or sprinting and jumping rope.

4. Massaging. After doing a lot of exercises it is advised that you massage your body. This should be done strategically focusing on areas necessary for growth like the spine as this stimulates growth hormone.

5. Resting. It is important that once you get tired after exercising, you get enough rest that is through short naps in a day.

6. During Sleep you are advised to lie on your back to straighten your spine.

7. Water. Drinking a lot of water is of the essence as it keeps your body from dehydration and increase moisture in the body. Water also helps in digestion of useful nutrients needed by the body in growth.

8. Avoid Nicotine and alcohol. Nicotine and alcohol hinder the absorption of nutrients by the body and most of it is used to combat such poison in the body.

9. Also while you sleep it is advised that you maintain good posture.


Source by Emmanuel Kamala

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