How to Blog Tutorial – How to Write a Money Making Blog


Have you ever built a blog and later found out that everything was a waste of time and your were not pulling any traffic to your blog?

Keyword research is very important

This is how your readers actually find you in search engines. You just can't write the way you want and hope that you will get lots of readers. It doesn't work that way. You need to know what kind of keywords you should use. I get very good results with competition that has less than 20,000 pages. But how do you find low competition keywords. You search for your main keyword, then you download all the results and search again, using your first search results. This is how you dig deeper and deeper. Once you have built a huge list, head over to Market Samurai and filter out the best ones. Later I will explain how you can do that exactly, step by step.

Right plugins for your blog

One of the most important plugins for your blog is All in One SEO Pack. This will allow you to change your blog post title and add a description. There's a few more plugins that you can use to improve your blog, but make sure you have this All in One SEO Pack. Also make sure you go to Settings> Permalinks and select the custom option and write% postname%. This will change your blog post URL with your blog post title. This is also very important for search engine optimization. You can find more about how to blog successfully in my author bio.

Learn how to blog successfully from start to finish


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