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NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday shared his thoughts with professionals on LinkedIn on how India’s energetic and innovative youth can show the way in “ensuring healthier and prosperous future” as the world battles the coronavirus pandemic.
Addressing youngsters and professionals, PM Modi said that “home is the new office” these days, while mentioning how the internet has become the “new meeting room” and office breaks with colleagues are history.
“The start to the third decade of this century has been topsy-turvy and the Covid-19 has significantly changed the contours of professional life,” PM Modi said while sharing his thoughts.

Saying that he has also been adapting to these changes where “most meetings, be it with minister colleagues, officials and world leaders, are now via video conferencing”, PM Modi said, “In order to get ground level feedback from various stakeholders, there have been video-conference meetings with several sections of society. There were extensive interactions with NGOs, civil society groups and community organisations.”
The PM further wrote, “The work place is getting Digital First. And, why not? After all, the most transformational impact of technology often happens in the lives of the poor. It is technology that demolishes bureaucratic hierarchies, eliminates middlemen and accelerates welfare measures.”
“When we got the opportunity to serve in 2014, we started connecting Indians, especially the poor with their Jan Dhan Account, Aadhar & Mobile number. This infrastructure has helped us tremendously in transferring money directly and immediately to the poor and needy, benefiting crores of families, during the Covid-19 situation,” Modi said.
Stressing that the need of the hour is to think of business models that are easily adaptable, the PM said that embracing digital payments is a prime example of adaptability. “Shop owners, big and small, should invest in digital tools that keep commerce connected, especially in times of crisis. India is already witnessing an encouraging surge in digital transactions,” Modi said.
PM Modi also urged the professionals to develop business models that attach primacy to care for the poor and the most vulnerable as well as our planet.
The PM also stressed that Covid-19 does not see race, religion, colour, caste, creed, language or borders before striking anybody and that our response and conduct thereafter should attach primacy to “unity and brotherhood”.
“We are in this together,” he said.
“The next big ideas from India should find global relevance and application. They should have the ability to drive a positive change not merely for India but for the entire humankind.
“India, with the right blend of the physical and the virtual, can emerge as the global nerve centre of complex modern multinational supply chains in the post COVID-19 world. Let us rise to that occasion and seize this opportunity,” PM Modi further added.
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