Find Me a Better Actor Than Alia Bhatt or Ranbir Kapoor, And We’ll Argue: R Balki on Nepotism


The ongoing discussion about nepotism in the wake of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has highlighted many facets of the Hindi film industry. Many argue that there exists a yawning gap between the chances that a star kid, despite repeated failures, and an outsider gets.

While others believe that at the end of the day, it’s the talent that matters. Filmmaker R Balki, who has made critically-acclaimed films like Cheeni Kum, Paa, and PadMan, believes that people discuss these topics solely for the purpose of entertainment.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, R Balki acknowledged that star kids do have an advantage when it comes to their break on the big screen, but he was quick to point out that actors like Ranbir Kapoor or Alia Bhatt have unmatched talent.

“The question is do they (star kids) have an unfair or bigger advantage? Yes, there are pros and cons. But I’d ask one simple question: Find me a better actor than Alia (Bhatt) or Ranbir (Kapoor), and we’ll argue. It’s unfair on these few people who’re probably some of the finest actors,” he said.

“Understand that audiences don’t like actors without talent,” he said. “That’s only the first chance that you get, and then one needs to survive on their own. I agree it’s far more difficult for an outsider to make an entry in films, but talent gets the opportunity.”


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