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The coronavirus pandemic and the current crisis has resulted in widespread panic. With many asymptomatic cases on the rise, experts are increasingly finding out newer symptoms.

One thing that is concerning experts is the effect of coronavirus on children. The most recent case of coronavirus was detected in a 45-day-old baby. Although the severity of the infection is only mild among children, doctors are now warning of a deceptively ignorant symptom which can go unnoticed in younger children-frostbites.

The alarming symptom, which has been nicknamed ‘Covid Toes’ has been hailed as a new potential symptom observed in kids which can help show how far the COVID-19 can affect kids.

The symptom was first observed in kids who tested positive for coronavirus in Italy, Europe. Many dermatologists found that the symptom led to consequent inflammation of the toes, some discolouration in and around the affected parts and was very common to that of frostbite.

Frostbite is a condition which affects people living in harsh or extreme climates and can lead to spasms and contraction of blood vessels.

Soon after the discovery was made in parts of Italy and other affected parts of Europe, many parents and doctors are now witnessing the same symptom in parts of America, where there is a sharp rise in cases. Kids showing the same symptoms are being administered with tests for coronavirus infection.

Since children with the affected symptom do not largely exhibit any other COVID-19 affected symptom, the discovery has baffled a lot of medical experts worldwide. There is also a twitter thread which is now going viral, which many writing about the potential symptom and its effects.

If ‘Covid toes’ emerges as a new symptom, it makes the case for asymptomatic transmission even more scary and dangerous. In the past, other atypical symptoms like loss of smell or taste, pink eye were found to be common in people who did not showcase common symptoms.

The relation between inflammation and coronavirus

Apart from symptoms which affect your respiratory tract (such as cold, fever, aches), COVID-19 virus hits your immunity. Compromised immunity can lead to sudden blood clots, contraction, swelling and inflammation in people who are chronically ill, have underlying medical conditions or belong to a high-risk category. For the same reason, people suffering from diabetes have been asked to practice good skin hygiene and sanitisation to prevent any harm and cuts, which they are prone to.

Research is still underway to rule out other potential symptoms which might have been unknown to us by now.


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