Deepika Padukone contemplates sleeping on the couch while hubby Ranveer Singh can’t seem to get out of bed – Times of India


Deepika Padukone found herself stuck in a Monday dilemma of a different kind.

The actress, who has been sharing fun excerpts from her life, took to her handle to tell her fans that she “might sleep on the couch tonight to cut down on my morning commute.”


Hours later, the actress had everyone laughing out loud when she shared that her hubby Ranveer Singh can’t get enough of his beauty sleep.

“Meanwhile @ranveersingh overslept this morning and was late getting to the living room!!!” She quipped.


Looks like Ranveer is making up for as much of sleep as possible amidst the lockdown, while his darling wife busies herself with her various household activities. This isn’t the first time that the actress has taken to social media to share her amazement about her husband’s sleeping pattern.

While the couple is currently cherishing their time together, once back to the grind, Ranveer will commence shooting his films, including ‘Takht’, while Deepika is expected to start work on her next production venture.


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