Cancer and Prions – Are They Linked?


I’m not a scientist but I want to translate a scientific theory for people who don’t speak the difficult language of scientists. I want to discuss a new type of disease with which people are as yet unfamiliar, and I wish to do it in the language of the common man. Bear with me.

The basis to life:

The basis to human life, some would say the miracle, begins when the sperm cell impregnates the egg cell. Each of those two cells contains a half-helix of your future DNA. When joined, they make a double-helix and the new cell can now reproduce. Contained within each half is the blueprint which will produce the entire human body. Contemplating through all that this means, it’s simply a staggering amount of information. This one cell will divide into two, those two into four, and so on in steady progress for about six months until every aspect of the human form has been shaped.

Each and every DNA double-helix is copied millions upon millions of times, carrying within each new cell the blueprint for human construction. Not just any human, you, unique to all other humans. So how then, does the body, say after creating forty million cells, know what has been created and what needs yet to be created? The DNA works with a sister molecule called the RNA, which is a messenger. This messenger is copied throughout the body and modifies itself in order to report production progress to each DNA. “I have two eyes, do not make any more eyes.” It causes the DNA to shut down the section of the genome that will create eyes. “I haven’t made any legs yet, and need a pair of legs, one left, one right.” The section of the genome containing the plan for legs is activated, the body begins to make legs. This does not happen sequentially, it takes place simultaneously, so each cell then must be aware at the moment of creation of its purpose in the whole. It does this with epi-genomes, proteins that sit on top of the genome to modify it or block it out. We’ll see in a minute how this is possible.

Billions of cells later, the DNA is still creating itself into intricate human body parts, and communicating that progress to the entire organism by the messenger, RNA. Another amazing contemplation is that for a certain amount of time it remains possible for each human to develop into a female or a male. That would indicate that every DNA contains the plans for two very different bodies. At some point the body will decide to use certain blue-prints but not others. At the microscopic level the female and male bodies contain thousands of different unique parts, each with very separate tasks and purposes. Fallopian tubes, testicles, prostate, breasts, larger muscles in one, wider hips and birth canal in the other, the list is quite long. This all means one thing – the DNA has the capacity to modify itself in order to alter the outcome of the process.

So then, if one is a female, the DNA shuts down the section of building plans that determine male features, and visa-versa. That’s where the epi-genome comes in. Once having communicated the nature of a cell by the RNA, a certain protein sits on top of the right genome and either enables or disables it. That’s about all that’s known about the process but I would hazard a guess that much more is going on.

For example, there are relationships between genomes. The genome that contains the blueprint for eyes also contains the color information. That genome has a relationship with the genome that codes the hair color and skin tone. If the eyes are blue then the skin tone will be light, the hair will be blonde. If the skin tone is dark, the hair will be black and curly, the eyes will be brown. Although separate genomes, the hair genome and the eye genome share a relationship. Exactly how isn’t known, at least not by me.

Another startling thought is that each race contains different plans at the detail level. If the body is an African there will be many distinct differences in the plan compared to a Caucasian. The plan to create nostrils will be different. The plan to create skin tone, hair, eyes, lips, eyelids and who knows what else. In bi-racial children, at the moment of creation, the half-helix from the egg and the half-helix from the sperm each have a different idea of how to create some of these parts. How then is it decided after they unite to form the double-helix whether a child is to have an aquiline nose or flared nostrils? Is there a vote, or perhaps a struggle to determine the dominant trait? The complete understanding of the DNA molecule and how it works has yet to be uncovered. I should correct myself – we’ve only scratched the surface of an enormous discovery.


Cancer cells are cells with no function in life other than to reproduce. The purpose part of the DNA has been damaged, but not the part of the plan that tells it to replicate. Normally, the body’s immune system would identify a foreign body and destroy it. With cancer cells, they still contain enough of the mitochondrial DNA (DNA that resides in the walls of all cells) to identify it as an integral part of the body. In that way the white blood cells, T-cells and antibodies, which would normally attack the cancer, just leave it alone. The RNA has little meaningful communication with the cell. “What are you?” it asks. “I’m an ixmox-3” replies the cancer cell. Not having any plans to deal with the imposter it simply leaves it to reproduce.

Cancer can be caused by anything that interferes with the molecular level messaging that goes on in the DNA. It’s most susceptible during the copying process, when a cell splits itself into two cells. Anything that can modify the DNA at a molecular level can cause damage, that means any environmental factor, chemicals, high frequency EMFs, radiation, or amino-acids that don’t belong in the picture or agents that change nucleic proteins (Prions for example).


Cancer is also a form of Prion, which makes it a very formidable enemy. Prions are still not universally accepted by scientists. Back in the Sixties while studying the causes of Mad Cow Disease, a British researcher postulated that certain proteins had the ability to modify other proteins simply because they were malformed. The theory goes as follows: a protein that was malformed at creation sits beside a normally formed protein and perverts the shape of the normal neighbor, thereby causing a disease. This was a new theory and largely not accepted by the medical community. It’s still not completely accepted but is gradually gaining favor. What’s lacking is an understanding of how it works. Prions can only be seen under an electron microscope. The scientists will tell you they contain no nucleic acids. Let me translate that – they have no DNA, like bacteria does, and no portions of DNA like viruses do. As a result they are impossible to kill. They live on simply because of the shape they take on. A shape, like an idea, can’t be burned, poisoned or irradiated and so prions are nearly indestructible. They exist in the earth even after a fire!

Epi-genomes, those amino-acids which sit on a section of DNA giving it meaning, can be perverted and start to monkey with the building plan. They probably act like prions to do their job by simply changing the shape of the proteins with which they come into contact. Cancer genomes dropped into a Petrie dish of normal cells will convert them all within one day into cancer cells. This could only have happened through prion behavior. The one genome changed the behavior of its neighboring cell, but once changed, the modified cell changed the behavior of its neighbors, and so on. It isn’t a case of that one genome changing all the cells in the dish by itself, but bad behavior passed on exponentially. It can be drawn from this that cancer behaves like a prion – since good cells are converted into bad cells. So not only can cancer reproduce, it can change the behavior of its neighboring cells.

I will go out on a limb here and postulate that the only thing that can kill (not kill, only reform) a bad prion is another prion with stronger behaviors. A different shaped protein that is programmed to reform the shape of the malformed protein will be the answer. In my novel, The Melongic Order of Happiness, perhaps the worst titled novel of all time, I go out on that limb and saw off the branch. I take readers on a trip into the future to describe how humans can be reprogrammed with malformed proteins. I hope I’m wrong, but as we watch it unfold, the future holds many surprises for mankind. As we look back through history we are awe struck by human discoveries and the speed at which they are revealed to us.


Source by Ed Schofield

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