British Indian Uber driver spoke to family in India on video call one last time; hours later he died all alone – Times of India


LONDON: A British Indian Uber driver who had moved to London to earn money to send home to his wife and two children in Bengaluru has died of Covid-19 after picking up passengers from Heathrow airport.
Rajesh Jayaseelan died at Northwick Park Hospital in Harrow, London, on April 11 with no one by his side.”Take good care of our kids,” Rajesh had told his wife Susai Mary on a video call from his hospital bed last Friday before hospital staff put his oxygen mask back on. Hours later, he was dead.
He told me to take good care of our kids. He couldn’t talk further as he had difficulty breathing and hospital staff put the oxygen mask back on him,” a heartbroken Susai said in Bengaluru. Rajesh last saw his family in Bengaluru in January before he left for London.
The sole breadwinner for his family in India, Rajesh is survived by his wife and two sons, aged six and four, who live with his elderly mother in Bengaluru. He had moved to the UK more than 12 years ago to earn his living and then started working as an Uber driver. After several years he obtained UK citizenship. He used to visit his wife, Susai Mary Rajesh, and their children regularly, always with the dream that one day he would have earned and saved enough to return to them for good.
Jayaseelan regularly did Heathrow pick-ups and drops as these earned him more money. His llast trip to Heathrow airport to pick up passengers was around March 25. He displayed coronavirus symptoms shortly afterwards, stopped working, self-isolated at home and took medicine, but then his landlord evicted him from his apartment in Harrow, leaving him to spend the night in his car.


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