Bottecchia Super Bikes


Bottecchia new line of bikes are exceptionally awesome! Like the Bottecchia CF66 Pro for instance, is an eye candy for professional sprinters. With its premium specifications and equipment, the CF66 Pro will surely leave the competition biting the dust. Its Smooth as silk performance is made possible by the monochrome full carbon frame powered by a carbon fiber fork. Another bike celebrity is the CF662 which is as classy as the CF66 Pro and with similar frame assembly.

These bikes have always been in the forefront of the bike industry for decades. The company’s line of frames, parts and accessories are renowned for its quality, design and performance. Thus, increasing in demand for athletes, professional and casual bikers alike. Its competitive features made it as one of the few bike brands in the world to provide quality performance, stylish design and extreme bike experience.

The brand offers a wide variety of bikes to fit every emerging demand in the road. But before you decide to purchase a Bottecchia, you must first check your budget. Always to stick to your budget and never buy a bike that will left you utterly bankrupt even if it has the highest possible specs. These bikes can be found at various online merchant sites where the best brands of bikes are on sale everyday. However, for quality assurance purposes it is strongly advised to purchase Bottecchia in authorized dealers and retail outlets nearby.

For bikers who dig carbon fiber frames, the Bottechia CF78 Team offers the swanky ride. Such an embellishment are matched in this model by the maximum efficiency of Shimano DuraAce derailleurs and shifters, the lightweight but durable carbon fiber crank of FSA SLK, and reliable bottom bracket from Mega-Expo and the wheel set Vuelta XRP Pro, some features that make for a spread-eagled finish.

In conclusion, Bottecchia is reviewed as one of the few legends of the bike industry. In fact, Bottecchia is now represented all over Europe with 300 dealers in Italy as well as dealers in Germany, Belgium, France, Austria, Denmark, Britain and Slovenia.


Source by Gid Anderson

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