Birthday Special! Jaw-dropping Pictures of ‘Beautiful’ bombshell Naina Ganguly | The Times of India


From the late 90s itself, the inflow of North-Indian heroines into South cinema has become quite a common phenomenon. However, it’s not a cakewalk for these divas to impress the regional viewers right from the word go. Amid this scenario, a beautiful girl hailing from Kolkata managed to impress a maverick filmmaker like Ram Gopal Varma with her solid emoting skills and stunning beauty. What’s more surprising is her inspiring journey from a supporting actress to the leading lady in a short span of time.

We’re talking about Naina Ganguly. The ravishing bombshell from Kolkata has mesmerised the Telugu viewers with her impeccable performance as Rini in ‘Beautiful’, RGV’s ode to his 1995 blockbuster Rangeela. Though the romantic-thriller failed at the ticket counters, Naina’s eye-popping beauty and convincing act has hit the bull’s eye with the masses. Presently busy with the upcoming film ‘Johaar’, Naina Ganguly is celebrating her 26th birthday on Thursday. Check out some of her jaw-dropping pictures from Instagram.


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