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NEW DELHI: Air India unions have opposed the 10% “Covid pay cut” in their March salaries. While Prime Minister Modi has urged employers not to cut wages during the current tough times, AI unions in a joint letter to aviation minister H S Puri on Friday about the “unilateral pay cut imposed for three months against government instructions.” Ironically heeding the PM’s advice, IndiGo has reversed its decision to cut April salary to a majority of its employees while state-owned AI — whose employees are being widely hailed as “corona warriors” did the opposite.
“ … The management of Air India defaulted on timely payment of salary which was paid on April 18, 2020, with a 10% pay cut. The flying crew are yet to receive 70% of their wages for the work done in the month of February 2020,” the joint representation by unions of pilots, engineers and others, says.
“We admire the decision by the top management of a private airline not to implement the previously announced pay cuts in deference to government’s wishes of not reducing pay during the lockdown … . Any pay cut with regards to COVID lockdown has to be voluntary in nature as followed by the senior management of the private airline,” it says.
The irony does not end with pay cuts for AI — whose employees have operated flights to corona hotpots, including epicentre Wuhan, to fly Indians back home and also to repatriate foreigners from India.
“We the employees of AI and its subsidiaries have been operating several (corona) rescue and relief flights in national interest at tremendous risk because of repeated exposure and often beyond the call of duty. While the entire nation is on lockdown to curb the spread of COVID 19, the corona warriors of AI are stepping out of their homes to make lives safer,” it says.


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