AdWords Made Easy by Brad Callen- First Hand Review of the Free ebook


There is the summary in Brad Callen's New AdWords Made Easy

Chapter 1) Are You Prepared To Profit From Instant Web Traffic?

As all ebooks, this is the prep talk part. Asks you the basic question of what you want from this book. Shows you how pay per click (PPC) advertising is going to be the way to go for advertising online.

Chapter 2) 10 Minutes To Instant Web Traffic

This Chapter is mainly for newcomers to advertising on Yahoo Search Marketing and Google Adwords.
A good step by step guide to setting up your AdWords campaign, explanation of terms like PPC, max bid is included. If you are familiar to Adwords, skip to Chapter 3

3) Keyword Research Basics

As the title suggest, teaches you the basic of finding and researching on keywords. He teaches you how to find thousands of keywords with keyword elite software and via other means. Brad then shows you how to find out the Maximum bids for these keywords and finding alternative keywords.
If you have been familiar with researching of keywords, there is probably nothing new in this chapter.

4) How to Write Ads that Attract Clicks

This is where the essence of the books starts to show. This is a good chapter as I still see so many poorly written adverts on Google everyday. If you are an expert advertiser, you will know most of the information here. However, Brad manages to break down the concepts of writing good ads with excellent Click through ratio (CTR) into easy step by step instruction. He also describes them with clear, good example. A good chapter.

5) Tracking Ads and Landing Pages

Once again, a nicely written chapter. Provides you with clear examples of how to make a good landing page. Provides a 10 step guide to having an excellent landing page.
Also teaches you how to do ad tracking

6) AdWords Keyword Strategies

This chapter starts to go into more advance usage of Adwords. Includes keyword matching. Explains the 4 kinds of matching: Broad, Exact, Phrase, Negative. These concepts are very important to ensure that you are paying for a targeted audience.

Also Introduce the "Peel and Stick" method, where you can learn to test keywords and then "peel and stick" them to achieve higher CTR. An excellent method, worth a read.

7) Bonus Chapter – Finding Profitable Markets

This chapter teaches how to use Google and keyword elite to find really good markets. Methods explore are well known but somewhat complicated. Keyword Elite has reduced this to a really simple task and brad shows how he does it.

8) Bonus Chapter – Finding High Paying AdSense Keywords

9) Bonus Chapter – Finding Profitable Keywords

This Last 2 Chapters Reveal the key to finding high paying keywords, firstly in AdSense and in other advertising companies. The 2 methods differ slightly although the concept is the same.
Once again, Brad shows us how to do this is a really simple way.

Overall Opinion:

AdWords Made Easy lived up to its Title, it simplified everything you need to know about AdWords and marketing on a PPC engine really easy.
I like the way Brad simplifies everything into step by step guides and the clear examples that he uses.

If you're an expert Advertiser, this book would be a revision of your knowledge. But for 90% of us, this book is a good read if you every plan to advertise online.



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