7 interesting variants of mojitos you can make at home | The Times of India


The best summer cooler, Mojitos are loved worldwide for their refreshing taste. Looking at a perfect mojito cocktail reminds us of only one thing and that is a vacation. And rightly so, it is said that a pirate called Sir Francis Drake from Cuba, curated this drink for his crew’s malnutrition; a condition faced by a lot of people living in the coastal area. That is where it got famous and the reason behind a mojito’s tropical condiments can be because of this origin story. Whatever the reason may be, we now have a drink that is so hard to miss out on, we also have non-alcoholic or virgin versions of the same. If you have been having the good old kind of mojito all your life with a leaf of mint, it is time for you to shake things up a little and try these 7 different ways in which you can prepare delicious and tempting mojitos:


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