11 Tips to Writing a Winning Proposal


Proposal Writing – 11 Tips to Writing a Winning Proposal

The benefits of winning an important contract can mean more than just additional income for your business. For starters, upon receiving notification that your business has been selected for the project, you can begin to market your achievement. Write an article about it. Publish articles at "IT publications" such as "federal computer week" and "federal computer news" and post on your company website.

1. Point out Requirements

Point out requirement abilities, contact them for clarification, do not put your proposal on hold waiting for a response, don’t wait. Get started right away so that you have plenty of time to edit your proposal and deliver it on-time to the correct office.

2. What do they want?

Determine what they want and write to that. Read the project requirements and be sure that your proposal is written to meet the requirements.

3. How will you be evaluated?

Know how you will be evaluated and write to that.

4. Support your evaluation

This step is crucial. You will need to support your evaluation and back it up. Write to support your evaluation by providing clearly written and outlined steps. Remember, the person who is reading your proposal should have no questions after they have finished reviewing your proposal.

5. Keep in order

Keep them in the order that the business is requesting them. Do not let your proposal get disorganized. No matter the size or length of your proposal, it is imperative that it be organized correctly and formatted to meet the needs of the projects’ requirements.

6. Create an outline

Create an outline with required information. Remember outlines in high school? This is where the skills you learned in your younger years will come in handy. An outline helps to keep the proposal formatted in a clear and precise way.

7. Review your proposal

Review, review, review.

8. First impressions matter

Proposal submission is your first impression.

9. Give yourself plenty of time

Provide sufficient time so you don’t forget details.

10. Know the agency or business to whom you are writing the proposalKnow the agency issuing request for proposal, location, delivery standpoint location that can receive overnight deliveries, allow for more time in delivery of item.

11. Pay special attention to Quality Control

Quality control means that your proposal will be taken seriously. No one will pay attention to your proposal if it is not well written and formatted correctly.

  • Follow required proposal format in the order they are required (should mirror order)
  • Answer questions and information easily identified, bold it, put a heading on it
  • Use a consistent writing style, makes it easier for them to review our proposal
  • Provide best product first, provide current points of contact, use group e-mail boxes

Marketing steps for a winning proposal:

  1. Research agency budgets and find agencies with large IT budgets, identify which agencies who have funding.
  2. Review SBA small business goading scorecard. SBA grades each agency a grade and target those agencies that met or filled to met socio economic small business goals of the businesses or agencies that you have decided to target. Visit their small business utilization website first to obtain their small business procurement forecast. identify those agencies that have a forecast and need for your services.
  3. Write articles or press releases about your achievements! Toot your own horn. If you do not, then no one else will. Marketing the fact that you have the winning proposal is almost as important as writing the proposal.

If you do not complete and submit your proposal on time, it will most likely be deleted from the company or agency system. So, be sure that your proposal is delivered on time!


Source by Stephanie Rosendahl

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