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“Workers of the world, unite!”— Whenever Karl Marx’s name is taken, the slogan straightaway rings in our ears and makes us to think and reflect. The slogan, as Marx’s works, created an upheaval in the highly divided society of the 19th century. It caught the attention of the poor or the “working class” and made them realize the peril that they are in. It inspired them to come together and defeat Capitalism. The slogan further brought out in public the constant effort by the rich or the “bourgeois” to let the working class be in the situation that they are in: poor, deprived and devoid of basic rights.

A German philosopher, economist, historian, sociologist, political theorist, journalist and socialist revolutionary, Karl Marx’s political and philosophical thought left a mark in the subsequent intellectual, economic and political history. His entire life was spent in writing and fighting against class conflict in the society, Capitalism and the unequal distribution of wealth. Till today, many intellectuals, labour unions, artists and political parties worldwide are influenced by Marx’s work, with many modifying or adapting his ideas. Marx is believed to be one of the principal architects of modern social science.

Today, when 0.6% of the world population holds 39.3% of the world wealth, Marx is needed more than ever before. Focusing specifically on India, top 10% of India holds 77% of the total national wealth of the country. These facts prove that Marx ‘was’ required, ‘is’ required and will be ever required until a day comes when everyone will have an equal share of everything.

On his 202nd birth anniversary, let’s remember Karl Marx through some of the best quotes by him.


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